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DS120 COD. 075100020


Oil heated drum calender designed for the thermic transfer from dye sublimation transfer paper to fabric and for fixing the printed ink on fabric.

Main features

  • Compact machine equipped with oil heated teflon coated drum which ensures great sublimation results thanks to the temperature uniformity and stability throughout the whole working process
  • Long-lasting suitable for indoor and outdoor uses printed fabrics characterized by vivid and brilliant colours due to the excellent ink penetration
  • Adjustable cone-equipped shafts to the internal core of the fabric rolls from 51 mm to 76 mm ( from 2” to 3”)
  • 6 shafts: 3 brake-provided unwinding shafts and 3 motorized clutch-provided rewinding shafts

Three operating modes

  1. “roll to roll” for the continuous printing of fabrics from sublimation paper
  2. “single piece” for the printing of fabric pieces from sublimation paper in roll and single pieces
  3. “reactivation and fixing” of sublimated inks printed directly on fabrics


  • Curtains and interior decorations such as cushions (industrial volumes)
  • Sport shirts and garments
  • Promotional items
  • Exhibition stands, flags and shop decorations
  • Fashion, bags, purses

Suitable materials

  • Woven fabric
  • Synthetic knitted fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric (polyester, nylon, acrylic)


Easy to use temperature and speed control panel
Millimeter scale on the shaft for the right positioning of the rolls
Felt tensioning adjustment with pressure gauge
High quality felt belt
Felt belt automatic tracking system
Fabric tensioning adjustment

DS120 Specifications

Working width
1200 mm (48 in)
External diameter of the oil heated drum
Ø 170 mm (6,7 in)
Working height
875 mm (34 in)
Adjustable temperature
up to 220°C
Adjustable speed
up to 2 m/min.
Dimensions - Table included (W x L x H)
2020 x 1059 x 1120 mm (80 x 41 x 44 in)
Table dimensions (W x L x H)
1380 x 500 x 875 mm (54 x 20 x 34 in)
Power Supply
400V (3P) - 50 Hz - 5000 W
Packing dimensions (W x L x H)
2000 x 900 x 1500 mm (78 x 35 x 59 in)
500 kg (1102 lb)
Packing weight
550 kg (1212 lb)