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Maxim Pubblicità - Italy

"With the DS170 we can work different materials by the dye-sublimation process!"

“With the DS170 we can work different materials by the dye-sublimation process!" says Mauruzio Bertazzon of Maxim Pubblicità, an Italian company specialized in graphic design and printing, whose watchword is customization.


Maxim Pubblicità uses the most suitable digital printing techniques to create a wide range of products, even with the ability to provide a single piece by customizing it at the customer's request. For many years Maxim Pubblicità has been present in the world of sports with the supply of various visual communication media.


As Official Promoter of the Italian Enduro Championships and on behalf of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, our customer Maxim Pubblicità needed to customize many visual supports to enhance the media impact on each race.


“We can produce with the XPRO DS170 supplied by Flexa custom-made fabrics, TNT banners and rubber mats thanks to the dye-sublimation process" says Maurizio Bertazzon of Maxim Pubblicità and declares: "In particular thanks to the DS170 we can produce custom-made rubber mats, which are high-frequently walkable, have a thickness of 3 mm, weight 850 gr/mq and are washable several times. These mats are used in the motorbike assistance areas to absorb liquids such as oil or gasoline, which would otherwise pollute the ground. The rubber on the back ensures maximum stability in full respect of the flooring". Mr. Bertazzon continues: With the dye-sublimation process, we are sure that the colours are bright, vivid, and long-lasting, even on high-frequently walkable mats”.


The solution of custom-made rubber mats with the DS170 is also used in stores to emphasize the products on display, such as bicycle shops, or in dressing rooms in clothing stores.


These mats can also be used to create lanes in shops or large spaces that host events.


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